yay! you're engaged!

whether you just got engaged or are in your final months (or weeks) of planning your big day, working together will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

i'll be here to help keep you calm, to cheer you on, and to guide you through the wedding planning process from finding your venue to sending your thank-you cards (and every overwhelming detail in between). i will do whatever i can to ensure you, your guests, and your team of vendors feel supported and taken care of. no matter the size of your wedding, or how simple you may think your day will be, any couple would benefit from working with a coordinator. even my most skeptical couples will tell you hiring a coordinator was their best wedding day investment, and their only regret was they wish they booked sooner.

so take a deep breath. pour yourself a glass of wine. relax.

wedding planning just got a whole lot easier.

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"i really appreciated her attention to detail, positive attitude, flexibility and professionalism as she made this a perfect event for us."
"she's everything a wedding coordinator should be but offers even more in that she's a kind, caring, and intuitive person. she really takes the time to get to know you, help you, and make sure your wedding is what you want."
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