take it from our couples...

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Karolynh and Kelvin

Wald House, PDX


We cannot recommend Keen Events PDX enough! Elise understood our budget but kept it realistic, gave us options but we weren’t overwhelmed, paid attention to our likes/dislikes and made sure we were happy with our decisions, checked in on me (the bride) at just the right moments and when I didn’t realize I needed it, and responded to my texts/emails within minutes and was available at (what felt like) a moment's notice. To have unlimited communication with your wedding coordinator is, I believe, so important because planning can get hectic! What was top priority for us though was to be sustainable and eco-friendly, and Keen is green certified. We hit the jackpot!


Elise has incredible attention to detail and an eye for design. Our wedding was cozy and intimate but it still felt like an event, which is exactly what we wanted. All of the details, both seen and heard (I know there were more), made our 10-person wedding so beautiful. On the day of, she made sure I was kept out of all of the hustle and bustle and I am so thankful she did because I’m the type to ask “What happened? Who needs what? How can I help?” I was able to be present and relax because of her.


She went beyond our expectations and over delivered. Again, we cannot recommend her enough and will suggest her to all future brides/grooms without hesitation!


Alexis and David

Summit Grove Lodge (Washington)


If I could suggest one thing to every bride I come across in my lifetime, it's to hire Elise (Keen Events PDX). Elise was worth her weight in gold and so much more! She solved every worry and problem that came up while also making sure I still felt in control. She answered every email, phone call, and text without hesitation! During the wedding she handled everything...I mean everything. From setup to take down she was there either making sure it got done correctly, or doing it herself. She was also ready to handle our wedding crasher situation with whatever force necessary! She is fierce when it comes to the couples she's working with! But more than anything, Elise, you gave me the opportunity and reminded me to relax and absorb every moment and detail of my wedding day. You took the dreams I had been concocting for years and turned them into my reality. Thank you for more than you could ever know.


S & J



We do not even know where to start, but Elise from Keen Events does, which is why you will be so relieved if you are lucky enough to have her on your team when planning your wedding. We started seriously looking for a wedding day-of coordinator only 3 months before our wedding date even though we had the date saved a year and half before. By some miracle, Elise was available to take us on. We originally were looking for just a day-of coordinator, but every single one we contacted was booked until we received a response from Elise saying she was available but that she does not offer day-of only services, and for good reason. She starts by offering partial-planning, and I think most people need this when planning a wedding if you hope to enjoy any part of your wedding day. The moment we officially booked Keen Events, we had a long and thorough consultation meeting where Elise assessed our progress with a calm and very collected demeanor. We were in mostly okay shape, but still needed to complete hundreds of small details as well as book our final vendors. She laid out our tasks in manageable order and helped us to understand our priorities to get to the finish line.

Working with her on her planning software was easy because she walks you through it, and being able to communicate with her there was so essential to our hectic work schedule. I could open up the software anytime to knock out little tasks, but she also was essential in making sure I was logging in to do so. We had so much work travel leading up to our wedding, but Elise made time every week to check in with us and work on our schedule. We wanted to incorporate so many of our own personal details into the wedding, and she did everything in her power and her network to help us accomplish them. She knew where to triple check on details that we overlooked with our vendors so that we avoided any and all day-of emergencies. I cannot express how valuable her services are leading up to the wedding. There is SO MUCH communication in the final week with vendors and I cannot imagine how much more stressed and worried we would have been if she was not onboard fielding emails and communication left and right. She held down our team of vendors with all the direction they needed and expressed our vision clearly where it still needed to be. This allowed us to actually meet and greet our guests as they arrived in town, as well as finish up all of our final tasks and prep at home. We are so grateful for the role Keen Events played in the success of our wedding day. Our guests had such a wonderful time, and the whole day was so incredibly smooth. We cannot recommend Keen Events enough and can confidently say that the value they bring to the success of your wedding is beyond the price you pay for their services.


Kelsey and Jake

The Woodlands House


Elise is a force to be reckoned with.

I worked with Elise, the owner and lead planner of Keen, to plan and execute my wedding and I couldn't be more blown away. We started to work together at the end of 2019 and ended up needing to push our wedding a year due to the pandemic. Elise was there with me every step of the way to help navigate how to communicate the change to our vendors and our guests; she not only had great advice but that advice was rooted in understanding who we were as a couple and the type of event we wanted to execute. She made herself available to us if we had any questions or concerns and checked in with us regularly as state mandates and rules changed. Having her there to help us understand how the changing news effected our wedding helped to cut the anxiety and allowed us to make thoughtful, real-time decisions that we were confident in.

When we got closer to the wedding day, Elise took over all vendor management and communication. I knew I could rely on her with all of the minute details I had been storing in my brain over the last year and a half and it put my mind at ease to know she was picking up right where I left off. She was hyper-organized and direct when she needed to be - exactly what you want (and need!) from your planner.

Elise also handled the day-of coordination of our wedding, with the help of her husband who was also a badass and handled our music, parking and general assistance. With Elise at the helm, I was able to completely relax on my wedding day. She showed up day-of with the most incredible charcuterie boards for our wedding party (separate for bridal and groom suites), made sure we were happy and had a glass of champagne in our hands and got right to work. She checked in many times throughout the day to ensure we were comfortable and gave us updates on how the setup was progressing (as someone who has trouble delegating, this was so helpful in calming my nerves). She managed and oversaw all of the vendors (which there were many - catering, photography, florals, bar, transportation, restrooms, lighting, etc) and helped to set up four distinct areas that our guests would be shuffled between throughout the evening. She ran the entire event, making sure everything went off without a hitch - including checking in with us to ensure we had a drink in our hands and that any family dynamics were being kept at bay so we could be present and fully enjoy the event.

At the end of the night, my husband and I came back to a tidy suite (including our wedding party who were also staying in the house), flower arrangements thoughtfully placed by bedsides and my cell phone plugged in. She also wrote us a sweet note that tied up any loose end details we might be wondering about. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU ASK FOR?! She truly thought of everything.

I can't express enough how highly I'd recommend working with Keen Events for any of your wedding and event needs. Their service list is endless (it seems as though there is nothing they can't do!) and their pricing is extremely reasonable for the value and experience. If there was only one recommendation I could make to a future bride, it would be to hire a coordinator so you can relax, enjoy and be fully present on your big day. Well, that and to hire Keen Events.


Malcolm and Bingjei

Thornewood Castle (Washington)


Keen Events deserve way more than 5 stars. Elise and Sam met me and literally saved my wedding with less than 72 hour notice. If you want rock star coordinators that will turn a mess of a situation into the perfect event look no further.

A week before our wedding a series of conflicts left us without a day-of coordinator 4 days before our wedding- a nightmare situation. At that point we had 7 vendors and no uniform schedule, very little ongoing communication with them, and were getting wed in a notoriously difficult venue to work with. We frantically emailed everyone in the Pacific Northwest just hoping to get some help.

After 30 or so emails and zero successful responses from vendors, we reached out to Elise 3 days prior to the event and heard back right away. After asking for a few more details, she took on the challenge and hit the ground running. She got in touch with all of our vendors, took us through the entire wedding planning process in a single day, shifted around her undoubtedly crazy schedule (post COVID lockdown), and drove for hours to get to our event on Sunday.

At the wedding, Elise and Sam made our entire event run smoothly, from the vendor setup, to the photography, to the ceremony, to the reception, to even finding a way to take care of our puppy during the entire day. They were putting out fires left and right and the wedding went off without a hitch.

But the worst wasn't over! Our venue waited until during our reception dinner to tell us about additional forms that needed signing (we were there from 2PM-10PM and had the venue booked and paid for for a year) and were ready to drag us out of the celebration to deal with it. Elise and Sam refused to let this get in the way and handled the entire situation seamlessly.

My wife will never forget how perfect our wedding day was, and it is all thanks to Elise, Sam, and Keen Events.

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Rachel and Ella

Cooper's Hall


Although I was initially unsure about hiring a wedding planner, by the time our big day came, I was telling everyone I knew that it was the BEST decision I made throughout our planning process. Even better, was hiring Elise with Keen Events. From our very first phone call, to the post-wedding email, Elise worked to understand our vision, offer practical guidance, and help us stay excited about the planning process. She made sure our day went perfectly even amid all the weekly, if not hourly, changes that came with planning (and postponing once) during COVID-19. Elise helped walk us through every step throughout the planning process--from establishing our checklist, to hiring our vendors, to putting the final touches on our ceremony...she was there through all of it. On the day of our wedding, I was STRESS FREE because I knew that Elise was on top of it down to every last detail. As a fellow type-A person...I can't tell you how much this meant to me to trust in her and know that I was allowed to just enjoy the day. If you hire Keen Events, Elise will go above and beyond for you (and your vendors) and have you looking back on your day in awe. She helped make our dream a reality and we will forever be grateful to her!!!


Galen and Rick

The Evergreen


Keen Events is all about love and community. My partner and I were lucky enough to be part of a special marriage-athon in November 2020. Elise at Keen Events and other Portland-area wedding vendors donated time, resources, and a venue so about ten LGBTQ+ couples could get married. Elise and these vendors crafted a beautiful, inclusive ceremony in just over a week. To put this all together safely during the pandemic is a true testament to the passion and skill Keen Events brings to wedding planning. For small businesses to give so much in a time of difficulty shows how much they care about making your big day special.

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Kendall and Brandt

The Evergreen


We are so glad we chose to hire Elise as a wedding coordinator! All of us felt a little lost as we started planning a wedding in Portland and her experienced professional insights and tidbits of advice were so valuable. From our initial phone consultation, I knew that she would be an incredible help throughout the whole planning process. Seven months later, even just a few days before the wedding, she was available for our last planning session to assure me that she had covered the millions of little planning decisions it felt like I still had swimming around my brain! Elise obviously has a great relationship with her network of amazingly talented Portland wedding vendors - her advice was so helpful as we built our team of vendors and considered proposals and budgets! In moments of stress during the planning process, Elise was always willing to offer advice based on her extensive experience but personalized to our vision and situation. I cannot imagine how stressful the day of the wedding would have been without her. But with Elise steering the ship, we were all able to rest assured that everything was going to happen when it was supposed to and turn out even more fun and beautiful than we had imagined.


Kassie and Facundo



I don't know what I would've done without Elise. When anyone asks me what was a "must have" from our wedding I immediately think of her! She showed so much love for us and our friends and truly didn't even feel like someone I hired - she felt like a friend (which she is now), and that's what I adored most about her. She cares SO much and it shows in her organization and ability execute and make everything seamless. She's unreal!

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Kristie and Rob

Camp Westwind


Elise was a perfect fit as our wedding coordinator and knocked it out of the park. She is super friendly and professional, and very easy to work with. We started working with her about 3 months before our wedding day, and she jumped right in by identifying all of our outstanding vendors, and matching us with the right people for our unique needs and style. She assisted with pulling together the logistics for the day and communicated with all our vendors leading up to our wedding. She joined us for our second visit to our chosen venue and helped develop an outdoor plan and a backup rain plan for the ceremony. We did a two-night wedding party at a summer camp on the Oregon coast. We managed things ourselves on Friday night, and what a difference it made to have Elise arrive there Saturday to relieve of us any responsibilities other than walking down the aisle, saying our vows, and partying our faces off. Saturday morning we were able to go for a morning hike, socialize and relax with all our guests while Elise coordinated all our vendors and setup. She got our bar set up and moved furniture all around to ensure the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception had a cozy and community feeling. It was flawless, and I can't imagine it going nearly so smoothly without her there.After the reception, she took charge to transform the dinner room into the dance hall in no time, and she brought desserts around to our guests while we partied late into the night. We highly recommend working with Elise as your wedding coordinator!!


Michelle and Will

Cathedral Park


Elise and Keen Events are seriously good event planners. We had our wedding in a public park with limited access to much of anything so all our logistics needed to be coordinated thoughtfully and succinctly. Everything was brought to the park for the reception and it came out better than we could have imagined. Friends and family said the event seemed like something out of a European destination. Elise helped us tremendously in referring us to some top notch vendor talent who we could not have been without day of. It was bliss and Elise was always a step ahead of us but in an adaptive, supportive way. We knew we were taking a gamble with our venue but it paid off and it would not have come together so wonderfully without the coordination of Elise and her colleague, Alex. We loved our day and think back on it with bright smiles and grateful hearts. Thank you, Elise and Alex!

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Katrina and Vincent 

Oaks Pioneer Church


Hiring Elise was the BEST decision I made when planning my wedding! We decided on her ‘day of’ package and she made sure everything was perfect and ran smoothly. I assumed that ‘day of’ literally just meant ‘day of’. But no, Elise constantly reached out, checked in to see if I needed anything and was always there if I needed her, every month prior to the wedding. Most importantly she was always asking how we were feeling. She really cares! She also gave us access to a very thorough wedding checklist online which was very helpful.  Our wedding day was stress free and my husband and I were able to enjoy our day without worrying about a thing. I was surprised to see she even took personal items she had at home to use on our sweetheart table to make it even more special! Elise is very detailed oriented and puts no pressure on you when it comes to decision making. We hired her mainly because we needed someone to be in charge of a timeline for the day of and she made sure to detail out every hour/half hour. She checked in with us throughout the day, but at all the right times. We never felt overwhelmed or rushed. We received comments later from guests on how impressed they were with Elise. They took notice to how focused she was on making sure everything was perfect and how hard she was working .I can not say enough good things about Elise. Hire her as your wedding coordinator and don’t think twice about it. I didn’t realize how much we needed her until after we hired her. Do it. It’s the best decision you’ll make! 


Bethany and Brad

Skye Farm Guest House


Everyone always tells you to hire a wedding coordinator, but when you're on a budget and thinking your wedding will just be small and casual, it's hard to really justify hiring one. However, I will now be that person telling everyone they need to hire a coordinator and it needs to be Elise. We hired Elise as a day of coordinator but she is so much more than that. She was constantly checking in, giving advice, and generally just helping us feel more at ease. Elise really understood our vibe and never pushed anything on us that wasn't us.I had people commenting that I was the most laid back bride and honestly a lot of that had to do with Elise. She took charge the second she got to the venue and I just got to enjoy the beautiful day. I had so many friends and family tell me how wonderful she was and how impressed they were by her. We are so, so happy with our decision to hire Elise- I can't say enough good things about her.

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Melissa and Chase

Crystal Springs Garden, Blockhouse


There isn't enough I could say about Elise! If you are shopping around for a wedding coordinator you've found your girl! Elise is professional, efficient, smart, on time, and overall extremely good at what she does.

My husband and I are in California and hired Elise in October 2018 to help us plan our out of state wedding. I personally loved that Elise wasn't pushy or salesy, she genuinely wanted us to book with her only if we felt she was the right fit for us. Elise has several different tiers of coordination all of which are very affordable. I had a vision of what I wanted my wedding day to look like prior to booking with Elise so while I did most of the planning Elise was always there to answer any questions I had and provided me with a detailed checklist of all of the items I needed to get done throughout my planning process.

Elise was great about following up with me periodically and sending me friendly email reminders about which checklist items needed to get done. She also sent us a sweet "thank you" box filled with goodies about 6 months into our time together. The month of the wedding we had a phone call every week to ensure all of our last minute items were in order and of course to ensure that I was keeping up with my self-care routines.

The day of the wedding Elise ensured everybody was on time, placed all of my decor correctly and handled all day of hiccups with a smile. We received so many personal compliments from our guest about how great Elise was. My absolute FAVORITE moment was when Elise came out to my wedding party and I while we were taking photos and fed us our appetizers our guests were enjoying during cocktail hour.


Megan and Corey

Columbia Gorge Hotel and Spa


We've had the pleasure of working with Elise for over a year now. My (now husband) hired her to help with his big proposal last June (2018) and we quickly hired her as our wedding coordinator for the big day! She has been nothing short of amazing since that day. She was my go-to for everything wedding related, and then quickly became my go-to for everything else too, she has become a great friend and we're lucky to have found her! On the big day, we would have been lost without her as the venue coordinator was unable to perform her duties. With that mess, she still managed to make our day absolutely perfect with her focus on us! For any bride, any budget, any day, Elise is your girl for the job. She will be your best wedding related expense, I can promise you that!


Kelly and Dae Ho

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden


Hiring Elise and Keen Events PDX to plan and execute our wedding was the best decision we made. I hired Elise as a month of coordinator 9 months before my wedding date, but she was involved from the very beginning of our planning process. Leading up to my wedding Elise reached out to me every couple of months and kept track of my progress within Aisle Planner. You get a free account through Elise and this website makes planning a wedding a breeze. The month before she was working with me on almost a daily basis. For brides out there trying to determine if they need a coordinator, budget Elise into your overall budget. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be stressed about whether or not decor was put out or if your flowers made it to the venue. Let Elise handle it. You worry about enjoying your special day.


                                      - Kelly (Bride)

Elise is not only a delight, but a rock solid coordinator! We at Delilah’s Catering recently had the pleasure of working with Elise for a wedding. From our first meeting till the end of the event, I could not have been more pleased with her attention to detail, communication and overall delightful disposition.We work with a lot of event coordinators, and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to our next event together.It’s always a bonus to work with a team that helps to make our jobs smooth.


                                                      -Heather (Delilah's Catering)



Jenny and Sajid

McMenamins Kennedy School


Elise is the absolute best! She went so above and beyond on our day of coordination for our reception. I mean, she was available much more than the day of, with phone check-ins the weeks leading up to the event, sweet texts to see if I needed help with anything, and great advice and suggestions as things arose!! She was an extremely wonderful mix of super professional, caring, and kind and our day was absolutely perfect with her help. We didn't have to worry about anything. I highly recommend Elise to everyone and anyone, from full on wedding planning to day-of coordination. You won't be disappointed!!