when in doubt, paint it out

my two day laundry room refresh left me feeling inspired to keep going with quick wins. the difference some paint and installing knobs made blew my mind, not to mention, i find the process of installing knobs to be super fun and rewarding (it's the little things in 2020).

i love the color of my neighbors house exterior so i sent a quick text asking if she had any extra laying around. before i could even gather my materials she was at my front door with a pint of night owl.

i taped, de-glossed and primed two coats (following this tutorial) and while i was waiting for everything to dry i ran out to pick up a few knobs. i was back and forth between silver, gold, or black, and at one point i even had these sea glass knobs in my cart but they only had one left. i'm pretty sure i spent more time agonizing over metals vs. matte than it took me to actually install them. i looked at vanity demo displays around the store for inspo, face-timed my mom more than once, and was finally settled on these simple knobs.

while the final coat dried, i watched a quick tutorial on how to roll washcloths to make your bathroom feel more special. then, i roamed around the house to see if i had any decor on hand that i could relocate. i pulled the wooden bowl from a kitchen shelf and my sand piper painting from storage. as soon as i hung the sand piper painting the entire room came together.

behind the scenes: i started to freak out when i thought i found my first gray hair.

turns out it was just primer.

paint color: night owl - sherwin williams

knobs: harmon 1-3/8 in. matte black round

project cost: $28.53 (for 9 knobs)