things i do *almost* every day

there are things i do almost every single day that help me maximize productivity and stay organized. some of these are things i recently discovered, and some i've been doing forever, but each of these helps me stay on track throughout the day. most of these are pretty simple, but it's worth noting most of this routine has become more achievable on a consistent basis with working from home.

do what you can, let me know what you try and report back!

  1. make my bed. i'm a strong believer in the whole "messy bed, messy head" theory. if you can't make your bed right when you get up (i wake up 3 hours before alex) than take a few minutes at some point in the day to do it. i make sure to pull and tuck the sheets nice and tight, fluff the pillows and fold the duvet and blankets the way i like it and i swear it sets the tone for the rest of my day.

  2. work out. i do 30-45 minutes of cardio before i start my work day, a couple of walks with the pup when i need a break throughout the day (as long as it isn't raining), and usually a 10-15 minute stretch/yoga/meditation class after work. the ONLY chance i have success with consistent workouts is by doing it in the morning while i'm half asleep. i hate working out more than you do, but it for sure helps my mood.

  3. hydrate and take vitamins. i've been influenced from social media and have been alternating between adding mint flavored liquid chlorophyll to my water and Liquid I.V. hydration packets. i can't say i feel any different, but my skin is more clear.

  4. plan out your day with a phone note. this is for sure one of my favorite tips and probably the one thing you'll actually try. in "notes," i created a note that has a "DAILY" and "TODAY" checklist both on the same page. throughout the day i reference my daily checklist and mark off each item as I complete them - you can thank quarantine for making showering and getting dressed one of my most important tasks.

if i notice i'm sitting and playing on my phone for too long, i'll check back on my note and see what else i have left on my list and go do it. under the today list, i jot down any specific chores, errands or meetings i may have to get done on that particular day.

the best part about all of this is that at the end of the day you can just go back into your note and deselect the bubble and your list is fresh and ready for the next day. it may not be quite as thrilling as crossing a task off paper with pen, but it saves so much time and keeps me way more on track.

if you're into using phone notes, i also have notes to keep track of gift certificates i have that i need to redeem, alex's clothing sizes, and my travel bucket list (we can dream about travel at least).

5. check on my finances. i have a really simple spreadsheet that i created almost 10 years ago that i've passed on to so many friends. i keep a log of each of my accounts (with a hint for my password), and have color coded savings in green and debts in red. usually on pay day friday i'll go in and actually make bill payments and adjustments, but at any given time i can see exactly where i am at with my finances. this method has helped me stay on budget and stay completely debt free.

6. tidy up. take out the trash. do the dishes. vacuum. throw in a load of laundry. while i almost always have a pile of laundry on my bedroom floor, i think it's important to spend a few minutes each day doing a quick tidy around the house. i'd rather do a little bit each day than let it all pile up and make me feel totally overwhelmed.

7. multi-task cleaning. when i shower, while the conditioner is conditioning, i'll let it sit for a few minutes while i brush my teeth (strangely, most people in my family brush our teeth in the shower). while i'm brushing my teeth, i'll grab the squeegee with the other hand and clean the shower glass doors. out of the shower, while i'm flossing (with a pick) or rinsing with mouthwash, i'll grab a washcloth and wipe down the mirror, counter tops and sinks. try it. you'll like it.

i'll add to this list as i think of more things i do that help me keep my days on track and productive. if you want to see my financial template or if you have any area you need help with - be in touch!