small cost, big impact

when i binge shows like marie kondo or the home edit on netflix i catch myself thinking, "already do that," "obviously," and the occasionally gasp followed by "do people not fold their shirts like that?"

one of my very favorite things to do around the house is organize. it brings order and peace to my anxious self and makes everybody around here a little more self sufficient. at the same time, i don't want to spend a ton of money on containers and organization systems, so today i'm rounding up some low cost items that have made the biggest impact around our home. you won't find a label that says "pasta" on a glass jar of pasta, but you better believe any pain points in our house have been fixed with a little organization and when absolutely needed, the occasional labeling (besides my spice jars which included it's own little labeling system which i couldn't resist)

if you're local to portland, seriously, let me come over and organize your pantry or closet for you.

if you're feeling inspired and want to tackle this one on your own, read on...

if you do nothing else, organize your spices with these incredible spice jars. it's under $25 for a case of 24 jars and it comes with everything you need. i don't use caps around here but TWENTY

FIVE DOLLARS for the easiest and fastest bang for your buck. you may not think it's worth the money, but for the amount of times we'd knock spices over or buy duplicates because we didn't realize we already had's priceless.

for somebody who loves to cook (alex, not me), having these in alphabetical order right near the

stove has made cooking that much easier. just make sure to give them a good rinse before you start filling them.

the next problem area in our kitchen was our knives. i wasn't a fan of reaching into a drawer and getting poked while stumbling around for a knife. this in-drawer bamboo knife block ended up being the perfect solution, and then to prevent the drawer from sliding around, i ordered some adhesive putty. now everything has it's place and stays in place.

another pain point was my tea collection which consisted of a giftbag stuffed with loose bags of tea. i opted for a 100 tea bag storage system and was pleasantly surprised as it barely takes up any room on the shelf. we dedicated a shelf for coffee mugs and tea cups, and extra coffee beans and filters. this organizer slips right next to it all and i can quickly pull it out to see the variety of choices even though i almost always opt for my favorite cinnamon tea.

then there is the self adhesive organizer bins i shared this week. these little acrylic bins range from $9.99 to $17.99 and hold up to three pounds. we have cabinets that are tall and deep, so these have been awesome for keeping things we want to grab quickly front and center. when i popped into container store to pick these up there was only one left so if you see these available, don't sleep on it! i'm actually kind of glad there was only one left because this is one of those products that i would easily go overboard with. i'm using mine for holding detergent pods - if you pick any up, let me know how you use yours!

last, but certainly not least, we leave the kitchen and head upstairs for an area which has needed a solution for the entire duration of our relationship: the bedroom floor. pre-covid, the moment we got home was a pants off, comfs on kinda household. even with a house that's clean and organized down to each drawer, there was bound to still be clothes on the floor. i know i'm not alone with this problem. i finally found the cure. instead of separating out by fabric or color, we sort by clean, worn but not dirty, and dirty. it's working for us and i haven't seen a single piece of clothing on our floor in weeks.

so there you have it! my top organizing products which made a big impact in our home on short money. let me know what problem area you may have and i'll brainstorm some solutions for you. and seriously, if you're in portland, i want to get my hands on that pantry of yours.