on the fence

"fence around the property is deteriorating, leaning and falling."

when we started our phase 1 backyard landscaping project this task item from our initial inspection report was first to go. it took us maybe thirty minutes to demo over fifty feet of inclined fencing - we could kick the planks right out.

the fence wasn't necessary for security or privacy purposes, so we briefly flirted with the idea of leaving the landscape open with some plantings. i took it to IG for polling and the people were passionately opinionated. ultimately, the pro fencers (25% of voters) took the cake for their justifications.

while i was waiting to hear back on contractor quotes i kept my eyes peeled and would pull over and take photos of any fence that caught my eye.

our unique, ebony, horizontal fence is an accumulation of input from all the important design ladies in my life weighing in all at once. i sent our awesome contractor some images, we had a few design meetings, and within 3 days he cranked this beauty out.

if you are looking to have any fencing, framing, roofing, siding or decking done, just let me know and i'll connect you with tony!

behind the scenes: we both get stung multiple times by a wasp nest we disturbed the day prior while power washing the deck. we made sure to call our favorite pest control to have the nests treated prior to continuing any work on the fence.