loads of fun

another weekend home in quarantine meant another weekend of home improvements. while i could pin and dream up gorgeous laundry room makeovers all day, realistically, i didn't think anything too luxe or fancy was necessary. i'd rather save the money for an area we spend more time in. we enter our laundry room from the garage and it's where we keep the pups food and water bowls so this area has heavy foot traffic and mess. no need to get fancy.

this two day refresh took me a total of maybe twenty hours - i took my time and tried to do it right without cutting any corners. that meant bringing home paint chips to compare the lighting, getting alex's vote on color, taking all the doors and hinges off the boxes, labeling to keep them straight, masking off with painters tape, and letting paint dry between coats to name a few. i went into the project knowing I didn't need to sand because i followed this tutorial so i didn't mind taking the time on the rest.

i brought all the cabinetry out to the garage where i laid a tarp with some wood pieces to prop up the doors. i opted to not paint the insides, although i'm tempted to go back to make them look more complete. while i waited for the doors to dry in the garage, i worked on painting the boxes and the 95 cent dowel i turned into a drying rod. i covered the washer machines and vanity with a fitted sheet as i'm an extremely messy painter. by the time i finished each coat it was time to move onto the next step. once the cabinet door were completely dry, i laid the knobs out at various heights and positions to see which looked the best, and then i used a drill template to make pilot holes (with the smallest drill bit i could find) for the knobs. when you're ready, you'll want to use your drill with a wider drill bit to make the final hole, but make sure you drill from the front towards the back as the wood can split.

i decided to purchase an extra knob to install on the faux drawer in front of the sink to make the room feel more complete. if you have a drawer where you can't actually access the back, you'll want to cut off the head of the screw so you have just the thread to screw the knob into.

on the other side of the wall are two black and white iphone photos i had printed. it cost $10 each for a 20x30 (poster size print) which fit perfect in black matte frames i had sitting in storage. walgreens almost always has significantly discounted photo coupons so if you're not getting at least 50% just wait a few more days.

behind the scenes: three people told me to paint this room navy instead of olive but i am a soft neutrals lover and the more people tried to persuade me the stronger i defended the green tone. when alex saw the room he said it reminded him of baby barf but the next day he was into it.

project material cost: $58.91 (de-glosser, primer, paint, knobs, dowel)

paint color: spinach by miller paint company

mirror: umbra hub oval wall mirror, 18 x 24-inch, amazon

print: oh hay by ARTjaden

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