hung up on art

in our previous apartments we hung all the art we owned just to have somewhere to store it. being in a home with storage meant one thing: we could finally be selective.

alex inherited his father's spanish art (picasso, miro) while i inherited pieces from my great-grandfather's collection. alex's personal art preference is outdoor pnw inspired pieces, while my personal art preference is sketches and prints by local artists.

ultimately, yes, we just decided does it go up or not, but with our contrasting art preferences i wanted to find a good system for compromise without getting irritated with each other.

we agreed to be intentional with what we bring into the home to keep things looking clean and cohesive. we had a garage art date where we gathered all of our art and compromised by categorizing our stash into the following groupings:

we both love it: this is the easy, no brainer category. we both love the piece and usually had in mind exactly where it should go.

one of us loves but one of us hates it: time to present your argument. if you had passionate reasoning and could debate it's worthiness, it could potentially make it's way into the house.

we both hate it: this pile went straight to good will or got posted for sale on the next door app.

art needs new frame: this pile is still hanging out in the garage. this was the collection of art we both like, it just didn't look great in it's current frame.

frame needs new art: you guessed it - we made a pile just for the frames which were not living their best life. i like having empty frames around to pop something into. i ended up grabbing two 20x30 black matte frames for our laundry room refresh.

sentimental but not wall worthy: this is the lucky stash that made it from the garage to the inside storage area. it's art that's valuable or important to us, not something we want to see everyday, but not something we're willing to part with.

try this out and let me know if it helps resolve any of your household art debates.