a priceless makeover...for $6

i'll start by saying of all the refreshes i've done around our home, this one is alex's favorite.

we had dental accessories scattered throughout bathroom (dispersed in various jars and drawers) and there were too many loose things (like whitening strips and floss) floating around for my liking.

on one of my regular home good runs i picked up a couple of shallow acrylic dividers (two of them at $3 each) and was hopeful that they would fit the size of our drawer. before you start a planned project of any size, always measure the space you're shopping for - and bring the measuring tape to the store.

the inserts were the perfect fit and once i saw their potential, i started to corral any other like items we had. i grabbed lip balms, flossers, our hydration mints, whitening supplies and sorted each into their own section.

my number one suggestion for making a space look nice, whether it's a drawer or pantry, is taking items out of their original packaging (if you can) so the product looks cleaner and fits the space better.

so there you have it! a fast, cheap, easy quick win for you to try to tackle this weekend.